Strona głównaSeasoning – maturation of concrete

Concrete seasoning and curing system - maturation of paving blocks and concrete products

The system for seasoning concrete products is a comprehensive assembly of devices and structures enabling the controlled process of maturing concrete products, crucial for achieving high-quality final output. It consists of three main components: the rack system, stacking and destacking devices, and upper and lower trolleys.

  1. Rack System: The central element of the system is a rack designed for storing production slabs with concrete products. The steel construction, made of galvanized elements, ensures high corrosion resistance and strong load-bearing capacity. The system can be equipped with automatically controlled curtain sets and sandwich panels, enabling atmosphere control. The advanced Techmatik interface allows for individual temperature control and other key parameters in each chamber separately, crucial for providing optimal conditions for product maturation.
  2. Stacking and Destacking Devices: These devices are responsible for vertical transport and storage of finished concrete products. In the wet line, they store an adequate number of production slabs with formed products, which then move to the rack system for further maturation. In the dry line, the destacking device retrieves production slabs with seasoned products and transfers them to the next part of the production line. Thanks to properly selected drive units, quiet and smooth operation is ensured.
  3. Upper and Lower Trolleys: The upper and lower trolleys collaborate in the production line, delivering or retrieving concrete products from the seasoning area. The upper trolley features a compact design, stable operation, and an innovative telescopic mast construction. The lower trolley is rotatable and equipped with a novel positioning system, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

All these elements together create a comprehensive system that enables the controlled process of concrete product maturation, resulting in high-quality final output.


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Technical data
  • Lightweight and durable steel construction
  • All components galvanized
  • Racks resistant to corrosion
  • Quick assembly system
  • Assembly without the need for crane equipment
  • Possible to enclose the system with sandwich panels
  • Possible to install atmosphere control equipment
Standard configuration
Load with boards with products (mm)
Stress on pallets with products (kN/m2)
Connecting power - upper rotary platform (kW)
Connecting power - lower rotary platform (kW)
Seasoning system - standard configuration
Kiln racks, shelves spacing every 350-450mm, 4500-5000 seats
1400 x 1100

Kiln racks systems