What can we do for you?

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    Molds for paving blocks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks and concrete products

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    Complete production lines for the production of concrete elements

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    Machines for concrete products

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    Mold reconditioning, machine service, sale of spare parts

What experience do we have in machine and mold production?

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MOLDS and MACHINES that are improving production of paving blocks around the world


TECHMATIK is a world leader in the design and manufacture of steel molds for paving blocks and concrete products. The company also produces complete solutions for the concrete industry (machines, robots and complete production lines).

More than 60% of the paving blocks, hollow blocks, concrete blocks and concrete gallantry available on the central europe market have been produced using TECHMATIK machines, robots and molds.

TECHMATIK is part of the American group Columbia Machine, Inc. - the world's leading manufacturer of machinery for the concrete industry. The company's products are sold to more than 52 countries and are recognized for their quality and modern solutions.


NPS score 78%
Customers praise us for our on-time delivery, support and maintenance service


Your contracts will be fulfilled on time

We know the importance of time and the importance of on-time, uninterrupted production, which is why we deliver our molds within the agreed timeframe. This ensures that your production plans and contracts will be completed on schedule.

You don't have to worry about downtime

You will receive orders on time. Immediate feedback communication, fast response time, immediate care of customer request. In case of malfunction, we respond and assist you expeditiously.

You don't have to worry about repeatability

Our molds ensure repeatability of production and high quality of the product. Repeatability of parameters (machines, molds) makes your products meet the guidelines for the most demanding projects (E.g. contracts with retail chains).

Save up to 40% with mold reconditioning

Reconditioning of paving block molds will help you save up to 40% of money for your company. If, on the other hand, the mold is not suitable for reconditioning, we offer customers to produce a new mold using the customer's frame. We always propose the most advantageous option to the customer.

No need to worry about transporting molds and machines

As a big company player in the market, we take over the area of logistics and transportation of orders. We ease the burden on customers by finding the most favorable transportation options for them.

We will take care of the development of your employees

We will provide training for your employees (classroom training and webinars). During the 2-day training sessions at the Techmatik facility, your employees will gain practical knowledge in running production (cost optimization, systems, operations). As a result, your employees' competencies increase. Your employee performs better and effectively eliminates additional costs on production.

You will get inspiration and access to trends from us

We will help you develop your business. We create a space to share experiences in the paving and concrete products industry. You will also receive trends and news in our newsletters.

We will guide you through every process

We will help you prepare and implement your investment. We will provide technical advice combined with visits to your production facility. We will also help you obtain subsidies for your investment.

No need to worry about documentation

You have full access to the history of your orders. We have an archive of documentation, orders, drawings and customer agreements and technical data from each year of cooperation. You can plan and execute orders with ease.

Quick lead times

The QRM production management system has helped us achieve the ability to fulfill orders for molds, machines and process lines faster and reduce lead times by 60%. We work on time slots and constantly control order flow, fulfillment and transportation.

  • What sets Techmatik apart?
  • Molds for pavers, blocks and hollow blocks
  • Mold repaire (renewal)
  • Compact production lines

In order to better understand our clients' problems, we benefit from the exchange of experience within the Columbia Group. Being a part of it, we have feed back from customers in more than 50 countries around the world.
This allows us to precisely meet customer needs and achieve technological leadership in the field of machinery and molds for concrete products.
We understand our customers well. Many Techmatik employees come from the concrete and paving industry where they have personally been users of molds and machinery.
We have introduced QRM and MCT service standards to have full control over each order, optimize production and speed up order processing. Introduced standards also translate ultimately into a lower price for the customer.
As an employer, Techmatik S.A. has over 400 employees in Poland. We support the local community (parcels for sick children, hospice support). We are a sponsor of the RKS Radomiak Radom football club. We are also involved in helping Ukraine.

You can choose from our catalog of molds the finished product you want to produce or have us make a mold according to your concept. Our design team can handle any task you entrust to us.
We know that repeatability and continuity of production are crucial in a manufacturing plant. That's why we make Techmatik molds on precision machines so that your product meets the most stringent requirements.
We produce many types of molds technologically adapted to different tasks (including heated molds). For standard, repeatable mold orders, the lead time is only 10 weeks.
We are prepared for different scenarios, so we have also launched an express fulfillment path for our customers in as little as 6 weeks! On the other hand, we perform mold overhauls in only 4 weeks.

Many customers provide us with used molds and we repair them. The effect of such a repair is comparable to a new mold and the cost to the customer is much lower. Reconditioning of molds for paving blocks will help you save up to 40% of money for your company. If, on the other hand, the mold is not suitable for regeneration, we propose to the Customer to produce a new mold using the Customer's frame. We always propose the most advantageous option to the Customer.

What sets us apart from other solutions on the market is the exceptional vibration power of vibropresses, which are the heart of every concrete product production line. Strong vibration makes the product stronger and has better performance. The Techmatik SHP 5000 PRO C vibro press, thanks to its design and appropriate vibration power, allows the production of reproducible products evenly vibrated throughout. In addition, we need 30% less space to build the production line compared to the competition to create a line with the same capacity.


Techmatik effective management and partnership in business

We respect our clients and know the challenges that the construction market presents. We know that business profitability is very important for every entrepreneur. That's why we introduce solutions that help customers save money (eco molds, mold remanufacturing, energy-efficient machines, reducing cement consumption).

We also go to great lengths to make Techmatik a good place to work and a space where we can all realize our ambitions. We focus on team play!

Techmatik Chairman of the Board
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