Strona głównaMold renewal (repair)

Mold renewal / repair

Many customers deliver used moulds to us and we repair them. The effect of such a repair is comparable to a new mould and the costs for the customer are significantly lower. Reconditioning of moulds for paving blocks will help you save up to 40% of money for your company. If, on the other hand, the mould is not suitable for reconditioning, we offer our customers the production of a new mould using the customer's frame. We always propose the most advantageous option to the customer.



Techmatik Time

Depending on the mould wear, we can guarantee the lead time of up to 4 weeks at the mould regeneration quotation stage.

Techmatik On time

We guarantee completion dates for our work, while maintaining the highest standard possible!

Techmatik Top quality

Mould regeneration by our company ensures the high quality and longer service life of moulds. This translates into a higher number of mould cycles.


01Visual inspection and quotation for the mould to be renovated

02Preparation of the technical and technological documentation concerning the mould to be renovated

03Repair of wear signs, cracks and holes in the mould liner

04Repair of the stamp

05Construction of new flanges and hardening through heat treatment

06Construction of new boxes and hangers

07Installation of the renovated mould

08Shipment to the customer

This is how we work


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