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Complete Automatic Production Line

Are you the owner or director of a manufacturing facility facing challenges such as loss of competitiveness, customer complaints, or low product quality? Our complete automatic production lines for the manufacturing of pavers and concrete prefabricates are designed to meet your needs and eliminate these problems. Discover why our vibro presses are operating in the majority of factories in Poland and how they can contribute to the profitability of your business.



  • Are Your Old Machines Becoming Unreliable?
    Our automatic lines are not only efficient but also reliable. Forget about issues with breakdowns.
  • Has Your Company Secured New, Demanding Contracts?
    Our solutions allow you to tailor production to the most demanding projects.
  • Do You Want to Meet the Guidelines for a New Contract?
    With our machines, you can meet even the most rigorous contract guidelines.
  • Do You Want to Reduce the Transportation Cost of Pavers?
    Produce on-site, avoid long-distance transportation costs.
  • Do You Want to Expand Your Business?
    Reach customers with an entirely new product.
  • Need Compact Solutions?
    Our lines feature a modular design and are highly compact, occupying much less space than comparable solutions from the competition.


Watch the video “Automatic Line with Vibro Press Techmatik SHP 5000 PRO C”


Advantages of Our Lines – Strong Vibration and Low Energy Consumption

  • Better Compaction
    Our vibro presses guarantee perfect compaction, eliminating losses and waste.
  • More Options for Different Products
    With our machines, your production becomes more versatile.
  • Up to 90% Less Cement Waste
    Save on production costs with efficient solutions, such as the Planetary Mixer with Whirler.
  • Stronger Prefabricates
    Minimize complaints. Address challenges related to durability and quality.
  • One in Four Factories in Poland Already Uses Our Vibro Presses
    Up to 60% of pavers in Poland are produced using Techmatik machines or molds.
  • Low Operating Cost of Machines
    The costs of spare parts and consumables for Techmatik machines are much lower than the competition’s.
  • Custom Solutions for Your Needs
    We are ready to tailor our automatic lines to your specific needs and guidelines. Regardless of the challenges you face, together we will find the optimal solution.


Watch the video “Automatic Line with Vibro Press Techmatik SHP 6000 PRO C”



Gain a Competitive Advantage with Our Automatic Lines

Contact us to explore the full range and start investing in the future of your business now. Achieve greater profits by eliminating problems and challenges that have limited your company so far. Techmatik – Your partner in the success of concrete prefabricates.



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Technical data
  • Our lines are highly compact, requiring 30% less space to install compared to the competition to create a line with the same efficiency.
  • The energy consumption of our vibro press is on average 10% lower than the competition's, thanks to innovative solutions such as counterweights (lower power consumption = lower energy costs).
  • The vibration of our vibro press is stronger than the competition's (despite lower power consumption), ensuring even compaction and a highly durable end product.
  • The use of a planetary mixer with whirler makes the concrete mix homogeneous, resulting in up to 90% less waste.
  • We provide training for workers (on-site training and webinars). During the 2-day training at Techmatik's facility, employees gain practical knowledge in production management (cost optimization, systems, operations), increasing their competencies. As a result, employees perform better, efficiently eliminating additional production costs.
  • NPS score of 78% - Customers praise us for punctuality, service, and support. Service actions are carried out promptly.
SHP 5000 PRO C automatic line
SHP 6000 PRO C automatic line
Automatic production line
SHP 5000 C Pro concrete block machine
SHP 6000 C Pro concrete block machine
Steel reinforcement of machine foundations
Chain conveyor L~16m (green line)
Deburring blower
Dump station (option)
Washmatik - washing machine exposing the surface
Washmatik drainer (option)
Service platforms (option)
Finger car
Low car
Low car trackway
Chain conveyor L~16m (Dry line)
Chain conveyor with pushing dogs
Production boards crossover conveyor
Board buffer (chain conveyor)
Cleaning device (option)
Board turn-over device (option)
Spraying device (option)
Centering device
Plastic's granulates feeder (option)
Pneumatic hammer (option)
Chain conveyor L~2,3 (option)
Automatic board buffer with control cabinet (1800 positions steel board)
Robomatik - clamp cuber
Wooden pallet dispenser
Chain conveyor (packaging line)
Stretch film wrapper
Przenośnik taktowy
Walking beam conveyor (8 pallets)
Slat conveyor L~22m (to work with horizontal strapper) (option)
Horizontal strapping machine (option)
Vertical strapping machine (option)
Kiln racks - 200mm
Kiln rack trackway
Curtains for kiln racks- price for one piece of chamber (option)
Control system of concrete block machine and wet line
Control system of dry line and packaging line
Design and installation of Control system
Safety fences with the beam gates
Service passages (option)

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