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Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapper

The machine is designed for foil wrapping of finished products stacked on commercial pallets with the possibility of using foil with the manufacturer's logo.


Shorter product preparation time and lower costs

The stretch fIlm wrapper is a machine working in the packaging line allowing simultaneous wrapping of products with stretch film and tape without glue, with the manufacturer’s logo. It is part of the production line and works automatically maintaining the continuity of the production cycle.


  • The first such wrapping machine on the market – does double work at the same time,
  • Simultaneous wrapping of products with strech film and manufacturer’s logo tape,
  • Allows the use of glueless film with logos,
  • Reduces production costs,

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Technical data
  • Stretch film tension adjustment,
  • Compact and compact design,
  • Stable and safe with counterweights and linear bearings,
  • Works within the production line,
  • Packing process carried out automatically during the production cycle.
Maximum product size
Lifting speed
Rotation speed
Width of the stretch film
Width of the film with LOGO
Maximum working stroke
Installed power
Pressure of the pneumatic system
Standard working cycle
4900mm x 2500mm x 4500 mm
1920mm x 1000mm x 1200mm
12 obr/min, regulowana falownikiem
max 700mm
max. 250mm
ok. 0,6 MPa
3600 kg
min. 56 sekund, 3 owinięcia folią stretch + 1 owinięcie folią logo i folią stretch + 2 owinięcia folią stretch