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If you’re fascinated by the concrete industry, its innovations, and success stories, you’ve come to the right place. Our series is a journey through the world of concrete, where we present interviews with inspiring owners of companies producing paving blocks and concrete prefabricates.

About the Series

Masters of Concrete is a project aimed at uncovering the secrets and successes behind concrete. Every 3 weeks, we invite you to delve into the world of hard facts and great emotions that accompany concrete product manufacturers. Each episode is a unique story about one of the heroes of the concrete industry.


Our heroes include both regional leaders who have gained recognition in the field of concrete and small, emerging companies that are just beginning their adventure with the production of concrete prefabricates. Regardless of size and experience, every company in the concrete industry has a unique story to tell.

Episode 1
Waldemar Sadowski – CEO
CZAMANINEK Producent Materiałów Budowlanych SP. z o.o.

“(…) the adventure, of course, began with my parents (…), the founder of the company is Czesław Sadowski, he introduced me to this business, I fell in love with lightweight expanded clay balls, and that’s how it all started. And business is practically my whole life…”

Episode 2
Kazimierz Ginter – CEO
Zakład Produkcji Materiałów Budowlanych inż. Kazimierz Ginter

“(…) My acquaintance with concrete began in my youth (…) then the pinnacle of technology was the concrete mixer. And now we have automated lines, sorted aggregates (…) Of course, to make lousy concrete, you must be a real genius… or the exact opposite.”

Episode 3
Sylwia Mroczek – co-owner
Kopalnia Surowców Mineralnych S. Mroczek T. Szczepański Sp.J.

“(…) For 32 years, we have been engaged in the production of aggregates (…) We decided to expand this business with something that could be combined with our aggregates (…) We started producing building prefabricates using the vibration pressing method (…) Today, we can sell materials across a wide spectrum – from aggregates, through concrete, to prefabricates.”

Our Mission

Masters of Concrete not only presents success stories in the concrete industry but also inspires other potential customers and entrepreneurs. Through our interviews, we aim to share valuable information, ideas, and experiences that can help in the development of your own business in the concrete industry.

Our goal is also to build a positive image of our heroes. We want you to get to know not only their professional achievements but also their passions, values, and commitment to advancing the concrete industry.

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