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Production of expanded clay blocks and hollow blocks

Modern technology of production of expanded clay concrete elements allows to obtain sound insulation Rw even at the level of 58dB with only 18 cm of thickness of the partition.


Expanded clay blocks are an emerging trend in the construction market. In an era of high natural gas prices and problems with the availability of this raw material, prefabricated expanded clay blocks are an alternative to gas concrete products, among others.

Keramzite concrete materials are characterized by high sound insulation and vapor permeability. Keramzite concrete blocks and blocks do not show capillary rise and are characterized by low diffusion resistance. In this respect, expanded concrete blocks distance the competition by showing nearly three times higher vapor-permeability than aerated concrete products.

Expanded clay is a natural material that has been used for many years and is proven in the manufacture of products that must meet stringent standards, such as chimney and ventilation systems.

Keramzite is a lightweight aggregate made from swelling clays. The production process consists in firing at a temperature of about 1150-1200 degrees Celsius of swelling clays after they have been crushed. Rotary kilns are used for this purpose, in which the expanded clay is given a spherical shape. At the high temperature, the clay expands in volume, and the formed balls become highly porous and durable due to the outer ceramic coating. It is standard to sort the expanded clay according to fractions from 0-4 mm to 10-20 mm. The volume weight of expanded clay, depending on the fraction, the clay used and the production method, varies between 220 and 380 kg/m3.

Of all natural lightweight aggregates, expanded clay has the best repeatability of parameters and their durability over time. That's why it is widely used in the production of lightweight concretes and mortars. It also excels in concrete mixtures intended for use in the manufacture of vibro-pressed elements.

These properties have been appreciated by CZAMANINEK -Producer of Building Materials, which has found its niche and for many years has been producing various expanded clay products using a complete technological line designed and manufactured by TECHMATIK S.A.

CZAMANINEK is a Polish manufacturer of building materials. The company has been active in the construction market since 1991 and today is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated expanded clay products in Poland.

(…) The production process at CZAMANINEK has been refined down to the smallest detail, from the entry of raw materials into the plant to the transport of building materials to our customers' construction sites.(…)

Anna Makowska - Director of Development, CZAMANINEK Producent Materiałów Budowlanych SP. z o.o.

Thanks to investments in research and a modern production line, CZAMANINEK can guarantee the high strength and load-bearing capacity of the building materials it offers, while retaining all the advantages of expanded clay.

Modern technology of production of expanded clay concrete elements allows to obtain sound insulation Rw even at the level of 58dB with only 18 cm of thickness of the partition.

The TECHMATIK Technological Line allows for the production of 34,000 products per day with 2-shift production. The line is operated by a total of 3 people.

(…)We chose the Techmatik process line because of the advice, the completeness of the offer, the exceptional power of the vibropress and the possibility of locating the complete process line in a relatively small area. The fast turnaround time and availability of service were also a great advantage.(…)

Waldemar Sadowski – CEO,  CZAMANINEK Producent Materiałów Budowlanych SP. z o.o.

The heart of the production line is the TECHMATIK SHP 5000 PRO C multifunctional vibratory press - a machine dedicated to fully automated processes with a capacity of 250 cycles per hour. The machine allows the production of a wide range of products, with heights ranging from 40 mm to 550 mm.

The construction of the TECHMATIK SHP 5000 PRO C machine uses technical solutions used in the construction of precision industrial robots. Efficiency and low operating costs have been taken care of here.

The TECHMATIK automatic line in operation at CZAMANINEK also includes, among others; aggregate transport systems, planetary mixers - used to prepare a precise mixture of expanded clay concrete, Robomatik packaging robot, wrapping machine with simultaneous wrapping of products with stretch film and tape with the manufacturer's logo, finished product transport systems, countertop feeder, shortage tippler, stacking and spreading equipment, countertop sprinklers and seasoning machines. Techmatik steel molds for hollow blocks and other components are also used in production. Thanks to its modular design, the complete Techmatik line (excluding the concrete batching plant) is housed on an area of just 600 sqm.

Among CZAMANINEK's products we can find foundation blocks, expanded clay blocks for structural and partition walls, as well as ceiling elements, fittings and lintels. As a result, CZAMANINEK provides its customers with a complete system for the construction of all parts of a building.

In 2021, due to intensive commercial activity and high demand for prefabricated expanded clay products, CZAMANINEK decided to expand the production hall and purchase a second TECHMATIK line in the same configuration. The new line includes a modern and fully automated klin racking system with an area of over 850 m2. Also new will be a height calibration (hollow block grinding) line. The line is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023.

(…) We are pleased that thanks to our activities, more and more customers in Poland are building their houses using prefabricated expanded clay technology. Already today, customers who have built houses with our blocks boast about their savings on heating and electricity. The new line will make this technology even more accessible to investors. The addition of the calibration line will provide construction teams with a product with the highest possible accuracy. Perfectly even blocks will make masonry work easier and faster, ultimately reducing investment time and costs.(…).

Waldemar Sadowski – CEO,  CZAMANINEK Producent Materiałów Budowlanych SP. z o.o.

We also encourage you to watch a video from the CZAMANINEK factory: