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Bauma Trade Fair!

Munich, 24-30 October 2022

Please join us and learn more about our innovative mould production technologies. You will also see machines that form part of production lines “live” at the Bauma Trade Fair - the world's greatest event in the construction industry. The exhibition area occupies 614,000 m2 this year.

Meet TechmatikTeam in Hall B1, stand 314.

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The curtain goes up - Technology makes a difference!

Multi 1200
Multi 1200

At the trade fair in Munich, you will have an opportunity to see with your own eyes and for the first time ever the world's only mobile concrete block machine Multi 1200 for making high units up to a maximum of 1200 mm.

You could launch production promptly with low capital and infrastructure expenditures and Multi 1200 will allow you to extend your product range to include extremely high concrete products up to a maximum of 1200 mm.

You will be able to make concrete products without the need for a full process line while enjoying full automation and visualization of all the stages of the production process.

SPMW 500

Planetary mixer SPMW 500 ensures a fast and precise mixing cycle, which is obtained by using an optimum number of different types of blades (agitators and side, upper and corner scrapers). The high degree of homogenization is achieved by means of a rotor, while the wear-resistant, easy-to-replace lining guarantees a reliable operation of the mixer for years to come.

The rotor is a high-speed agitator used in concrete top layer mixers which ensures high homogenization and reproducibility of the mix while reducing the production time. It is especially crucial for the production of decorative top layers e.g. Colormix.

With the rotor, you get:

SPMW 500

We manufacture customized moulds to meet the needs of our Customers. We do our best to ensure our moulds feature the longest service life possible and guarantee high-quality concrete products.

We conduct production on the basis of our corporate quality standards. Highly-skilled design and process engineers are committed to ensuring the top quality of moulds offered by Techmatik through continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. Thorough tests precede the implementation of new solutions, enabling us to control the quality and keep improving the production process. We are up to date with our customers' needs and strive to meet the growing requirements of the market. We offer welded, bolted and solid moulds. We also provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services for mould regeneration and repair.

Technological solutions

Rubber Buffers
Rubber Buffers

Shock absorbers used in the large stone production take over some stresses generated during production, which reduces the cracking of products. This enhances the distribution of the concrete mix in die cavities.

Centering system
Centering system

The centering system eliminates the possibility of the mould liner colliding with the stamp and prevents the mould from moving during production. The solution lengthens the mould service life.


With the heating system, you will obtain a better and clearer top texture of the stone and faster water evaporation so the concrete would not stick to the surface of tamper shoes.

Dual action
Dual action

The dual-action tamper head allows you to make decorative patterns on a single stone and facilitates the cleaning of the tamper shoes.


The hydraulic system used in moulds makes it possible to make special precast elements, where the production process requires mobility of mould components.

Techmatik stands for technological solutions appreciated all over the world
Techmatik stands for technological solutions appreciated all over the world

Regenerate at techmatik!

We regenerate moulds from any manufacturer

01Visual inspection of a mould to be renovated and a regeneration estimate

02Preparation of the technical and technological documentation concerning the mould to be renovated

03Repair of wear signs, cracks and holes in the mould liner

04Repair of the tamper head

05Construction of new tamper shoes and hardening through heat treatment (carburizing, nitriding)

06Construction of new cores and core bars (meba, hollow brick)

07Fitting of tamper shoes 0.2-0.4 mm per side and installation of the renovated mould

08Shipment to the Customer

Top service level guaranteed
realizacja w 4 tygodnieTime

Lead time of 4 weeks!

During intense production, something unexpected could happen at any time. You need a prompt response.

Regeneration in the Express mode: 2 weeks

Regeneration in the Priority mode: 1 week

terminowośćPrompt deliveries

We determine the lead time at the quotation stage and we are committed to ensuring prompt delivery of the regenerated moulds to our Customers.

We help to make transport arrangements.


The most stringent quality checks ensure a long life cycle of the regenerated mould.

Fitting of tamper shoes from 0.2-0.3 mm per side


And friendly and competent support by

ekologiaEnvironment friendly

Repeated use of steel leads to lower CO2 emissions - carbon footprint reduced by 2.5t CO2/mould, 25,000t CO2 a year.

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