Strona głównaColormixProduction of large pavers and multicolor plates. How to reduce costs?

Production of large pavers and multicolor plates. How to reduce costs?

In the Polish and Western European market, the decision to choose large concrete slabs in garden arrangements has become a significant trend in recent years. The charm of multicolored surfaces has long captivated both designers and consumers.


The pursuit of subtle shades and textures reminiscent of natural stone remains a driving force in the concrete production industry. Terrace slabs with a melange effect represent high-margin products highly esteemed by architects. However, achieving this effect has proven to be a challenging task.

Sample photos of products that have been manufactured on Techmatik production lines using SPM/SPMW planetary mixers.

Improperly prepared concrete mixes not only result in poor strength parameters of the product but also pose the risk of visible imperfections, leading to either markdowns or waste due to aesthetic reasons. In the case of small-format paving stones, the waste percentage may be marginal, but with large formats, significant losses occur, as entire batches or product series may end up as waste. Given the current energy and cement prices, this significantly impacts the profitability of manufacturing facilities.

With such demanding projects in mind—large formats, products with surface layers, and multicolored melange products—we have developed planetary mixers with a whirlwind mixer.

Planetary mixer SPMW with high-speed agitator is a device dedicated to the preparation of concrete top layer.  Customer feedback indicates that by employing high-speed mixers (whirlwinds), waste can be reduced by up to 90%!

The mixing process has been thoroughly examined in an accredited laboratory, IAB, in Germany. The utilization of a high-speed mixer has resulted in a 20% reduction in mixing time (from 5 minutes to 4 minutes for the SPMW-500 mixer). The mixture achieves homogeneity, making it ideal for preparing top-layer concrete, facemix, colormix, and more.

What gives the use of a high-speed agitator?

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