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Concrete Block Calibrating Device

Our Height Calibration Device is the key to perfectly sized concrete blocks. Perfectly even blocks are definitely more attractive to construction crews, making the product more competitive in the market. Invest in technology that will not only increase the quality of production, but also contribute to savings and efficiency on the construction site. Construction crews will be happy to choose your products.


Perfect Dimensions, Performance and Precision

Explore an innovative solution that revolutionizes the process of height calibration of concrete blocks – the Concrete Block Calibrating Device. This reliable device makes it possible to precisely adjust the height of products in a dry process, directly on the production countertop.




Construction Teams Will Be Eager to Choose Your Blocks and Hollows


Perfect Dimensions of Concrete Blocks

Thanks to advanced calibration technology, concrete blocks gain perfect dimensions. Perfectly even blocks are definitely more attractive to construction teams, which increases the competitiveness of the product in the market.


High Reproducibility of Products

The grinder guarantees perfect dimensions and high repeatability of products. This speeds up construction work, reduces the use of mortar or glue, and lowers the overall cost of home construction.


Precise Height Calibration of Concrete Blocks and Hollow Blocks

The working height range of the grinder is from 240 to 330 mm, which allows the device to adapt to different types of concrete blocks. Precise height adjustment of the head assembly is carried out by an advanced servomotor.


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Durable and Reliable Construction

The grinder is designed with performance and durability in mind. The robust design ensures reliability in all working conditions, resulting in a long service life for the machine.


Adapted for Efficiency

The use of a dust collection system guarantees the cleanliness of the process, and 5 independent heads with diamond tools, driven by asynchronous motors, enable efficient grinding.


Monitoring and Correction Technology

Before and after the calibrating process, the device performs precise verification of product height. In addition, automatic correction of grinding segment wear ensures optimum tool utilization and increases work efficiency.

Technische Daten
  • Precise calibration of product height,
  • The working height range is 240 - 330 mm,
  • Durable and reliable design,
  • Adapted to work with a dust collection system,
  • 5 independent heads with diamond tools, driven by asynchronous motors.
Connection power (kW)
Working range for product H=330 mm (mm)
Working range for product H=240 mm (mm)
Height range of the calibration machine (mm)
Voltage supply (V/Hz)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)
Weight (kg)
Maximum cutting depth (mm)
Cycle time (s)
1250 x 960 x 330
1250 x 1020 x 240
240 - 330
4400 x 2500 x 2450
28 - 30